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Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—September 10th to 16th, 2016

Date: 9/20/2016

This week the most abundant species of billfish were striped marlin, with blues coming in second, and a spattering of sailfish throughout. We had an excellent catch success rate, with 96 percent of boats being successful and only two boats getting skunked. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, warm water and clear skies, accompanied by calm seas and plenty of fish.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—September 3rd to September 9th, 2016

Date: 9/12/2016

This week our main story is the passing of Hurricane Newton through the area on Tuesday. With all that being said, it did have an impact on fishing, as the port was closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. Resuming on Thursday the 8th, so this week’s fish report will only include five days. And despite all this, the days that we were able to fish, we saw some fabulous fishing.


Mexico's Most Extravagant Villa Opens in Cabo

Date: 9/2/2016

As one of the largest villas—28,000 square feet to be exact— available in Mexico is unveiled in Cabo, the Baja resort continues to go from strength to strength in terms of the real estate opportunities.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—August 20th to August 26th, 2016

Date: 8/29/2016

The numbers are down and we had really few boats out this week. The fishing grounds have also been extremely spread out, it was difficult to find one particular spot that worked well. To make matters more difficult we had rain at the beginning of the week which messes up the water afterwards, with its large amounts of rainwater flowing out to see from previously dry riverbeds. And we also had a full moon, which leads to a lot of the fish feeding at night and not wanting to take lures or bait in the daytime hours.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—August 13th to August 19th, 2016

Date: 8/22/2016

We saw a definite change in the direction of fishing this week, as the last couple of weeks were mostly focused around the yellowfin tuna and blue marlin action for Pisces Fleet, we saw striped marlin catches increase, as well as sailfish. Fishing grounds were variable throughout with more boats venturing out to the Pacific side. Starting off our week the Pisces Tracy Ann had a spectacular day for a group of anglers from Houston, Texas. Captain Julio Castro put them on three striped marlin (released), two yellowfin tuna, one dorado and four skipjacks.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—August 6th to August 12th, 2016

Date: 8/15/2016

This week our main event was the near pass by Tropical Storm Javier, that had Cabo’s port closed on Monday the 8th of August. No boats were able to go out that day, and we saw some nice rain. Something that our desert landscape is always thirsty for is a good soaking of rain by a summer storm. Our week started of with a few different boats landing blue marlin and some sailfish. The Pisces Adriana, captained by Nicolas Winkler caught and released a sailfish.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—July 30th to August 5th, 2016

Date: 8/7/2016

This week saw overall catches go down, with overcast and cloudy weather on many days and summer highs in the 80’s and 90’s. The 30th of July saw the boats catching lots of blue marlin, as well as striped marlin and a sailfish, showcasing the wide array of billfish available in Cabo’s summer to those anglers that can bear the heat.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—July 23rd to July 29th, 2016

Date: 7/30/2016

This week saw some really awesome catches, and more than one grand slam (when three different species of billfish are caught in one day). The Pisces Rebecca started of the week strong with one striped marlin, one sailfish and one blue marlin all released.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—July 16th to July 22nd, 2016

Date: 7/23/2016

This has really been a perfect showcase for Cabo summer weather. We saw really sunny, clear days and water temperatures starting to creep up a little. This has also meant that a few storms have formed further south, but don’t pose any sort of threat as they’re still quite south of us. Summer is definitely here, as we see our warm-water loving Blue Marlin catches consistent, while there have also been fairly good if sporadic catches of Striped Marlin throughout the week.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—July 9th to July 15th, 2016

Date: 7/18/2016

It’s been a great week here in Cabo. With the La Nina weather event in the Pacific Ocean, the cooler water temperatures have kept storm systems away this year, allowing us to enjoy the world-class fishing without interruptions. The season is definitely underway with blue marlin being caught almost every day (continuing to increase in frequency) while striped marlins are still in the area.

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