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Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report November 24th to 30th

Date: 12/1/2018

This bite is like we haven't seen in a long time and the weather cant be beat either. So I’ll get right to it, but first, did you read our stats above? 100% catch success rate this week! That means, every boat we had out this week, all sixty-eight of them, caught fish. The Finger Banks are still producing marlin in the double digits; including a personal record-breaking 60 striped marlin caught and released by Pisces 32’ Bill Collector owner aboard, Mark Chiavetta on November 27th (He also caught and released two silky sharks and landed a few dorado). However, the marlin isn’t just at the Finger Bank. Again this week strong marlin numbers closer by to Cabo, from the Old Lighthouse to Las Margaritas area, where the dorado have shown up too. Double digits of dorado have also been common this week, with boats respecting catch limits and releasing. Tuna are still around, although anglers have been targeting the other species more heavily.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report November 17th to 22nd

Date: 11/27/2018

The billfish bite continues this week not only at the Finger but now somewhat closer to the Cabo area, and dorado numbers have climbed drastically as well. Those looking for tuna have also found them, as we see again this week large tuna of almost 200 lbs still being caught by our boats. Another great week of fishing here in Cabo; kicking off a winter season like we haven’t seen in a long time! But the BEST news of all this week was the seizure of a commercial fishing panga and fishermen that were capturing and killing marlin illegally at the Finger Bank by CONAPESCA (fish and game department) and the Mexican Navy. Our boats fishing the Finger had seen these boats many times harpooning marlin and using other illegal techniques to catch and then sell them — even though they are a species that are exclusive for sport fishing. Although our crews reported these sightingsngs, legally there was no way to do anything unless they were caught in the act. This week, our sport fishing industry and government worked together to finally take action. Of the 4 pangas that were fishing and killing vast amounts of marlin illegally one was caught. And although they managed to dump much of what they had caught, 8 marlin (only the body, as heads and tails were cut off) were seized along with the illegal fishing equipment. The panga is in government custody and the fishermen have been detained. This is a big win for sportfishermen, CONAPESCA and Conservationists alike.


Pisces 40th Anniversary Giveaway Winner Announced!

Date: 11/21/2018

Finally the day has come to choose a winner for our 40th Anniversary Giveaway which began earlier this year. When we came up with the idea to do this giveaway, we based it on the fact that we cannot imagine our life without Pisces Sportfishing crews, staff and especially our anglers. Thank you to all who participated and for trusting Pisces for your day of fishing!

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report November 10th to 16th

Date: 11/18/2018

I will start off with what I think is a pretty impressive number… There were 376 billfish caught by Pisces this week, out of which 375 billfish were released. 104 of those billfish were caught in just ONE day, while 84 of those were caught by only THREE boats in one day. That’s the kind of billfish fishing we’re experiencing at the moment! Of these billfish the majority were striped marlin caught at Finger Bank, about 50 miles north of Cabo, however, there have also been marlin closer by; just not the double digits as we've seen further North. The billfish caught this week also included sailfish, spearfish, black marlin and even a 415 lbs Blue marlin caught by Pisces 28’ Andrea. Apart from billfish we had a few impressive yellowfin tuna, including a 270 lbs yellowfin caught aboard Pisces 35’ Knot Workin only two days after the end of the Tuna Tournament (the winning tuna, netting almost $400k was 272 lbs!) and a 127 lbs tuna on Pisces 31’ La Brisa. And to top it off, many of our boats were entered in the Los Cabos Big Game Charter Boat Classic (the only tourney which boasts free entry if you charter a boat) and we are proud to say we placed in the top three places daily.


Pisces Celebrates 40th with unique event in Cabo

Date: 10/30/2018

Pisces Sportfishing celebrate their 40th Anniversary with a unique, internal one-day tournament among the Pisces Captains and crews in Cabo.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report September 30th to October 6th

Date: 10/20/2018

An extraordinary week for billfish this week, with FOUR BILLFISH GRAND SLAMS! For those not familiar with the term, a grand slam is when an angler catches three different billfish species in one day. Not to mention, large billfish too, with the biggest, a black marlin, of about 450 lbs.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report September 15th to 23rd

Date: 10/4/2018

Fishing this week has still been decent, although numbers did drop a bit compared to last week’s report. However, this may be due to changing weather here in Cabo with some rain closing the port for two days midweek and with somewhat difficult conditions, anglers tended to get seasick. Those who had no problem with the seas, however, did well, especially if they fished a few days. As I’ve said before, although it can be slow, we’ve been surprised with big catches throughout these summer months. This was again the case this week with Pisces 31’ Tracy Ann landing a monster 250 lbs yellowfin tuna. Other species caught this week were mainly blue and striped marlin, a few sailfish and smaller dorado.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report September 9th to 14th

Date: 9/16/2018

We have a lot to report this week! As some of you may know, Pisces Sportfishing turned FORTY this year and to celebrate we have decided to give back to all of the people who have helped us make it this far. We also saw the fishing pick up again this week with a great striped marlin bite out at the Finger Banks with up to 17 striped marlin caught in released in one day and BIG tunas. We caught three yellowfin over 150 lbs this week! And to top it off, we had plenty of dorado, a nice wahoo and spearfish too. So to celebrate our 40the Anniversary, First of all, we thought of our anglers, and put together an awesome GIVEAWAY. You can still enter via social media, on Facebook or Instagram. Any of our anglers can share their story with a few pictures or video and be entered in the Giveaway to win roundtrip airfare to Cabo for two, accommodation and of course a day of fishing on our brand new 37’ Viking Billfish Sportfisher, Tag Team III! !

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report September 2nd to 8th

Date: 9/9/2018

Catch rates have increased this week, with more dorado numbers showing up, but not in the big sizes like we saw last week. Small to medium size tuna has still found more consistently as well. And this week proved more than ever that Summer may be “slower” but it also has the potential to fulfill some big dreams with a large fish if you’re lucky enough. A few weeks ago I mentioned having to fish a few days to guarantee the best success, well Art Hevener, a Pisces angler for more than 20 years proved just this point. He fished three days with Captain Jose Ramon Alucano (JR) on Pisces 31’ Rebecca and landed an impressive 470 lbs Black Marlin, his dream fish.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report August 25th to September 1st

Date: 9/9/2018

This week was again similar to last, in that the fishing was rather slow, but if you were lucky you might catch the ONE. Inconsistency this week meant anglers needed to fish a few days to have the best odds. Even with this, still quite a few catches worth noting! For example, Pisces Tag Team III, caught and released a nice 400 lbs Black Marlin, which I will give you more details on below.

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