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Pisces’ vision for the future is reflected in our conservation efforts which, by employing fishing best practices and humane handling of catches, support the preservation of the ecosystem. Our respectful approach towards marine life has been recognized by different institutions such as the IGFA, the Gray Fishtag Research, and the Billfish Foundation.

Grayfishtag Research
Top Tagging Fleet in the Pacific Coast Mexico
Lifetime Achievement Award for Conservation
Billfish Foundation
Top Overall Marlin Release Captain

Tag & Release

Pisces is committed to conservation of billfish (marlin, sailfish, etc) In addition to having received recognition from IGFA, we’ve also been the recipients of the Billfish Foundation Award for the most striped marlin released worldwide in a single year—an award we’ve received multiple times! We believe that by encouraging catch and release, we allow anglers to experience the thrill of catching these awesome creatures while allowing them to swim off into the sunset to see another day. Protecting marlin is important in order to keep our oceans healthy and ensure their survival for future generations. We’re proud of our 98.6% release rate! Of course, if a fisherman feels strongly about keeping their fish, we most certainly help them to do so within legal limits and can even suggest local restaurants where they can prepare their catch.

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Real Estate

Reeling from the effects of Hurricane Odile that struck Sept. 15, 2014, the most devastating storm ever to hit Baja, Cabo San Lucas and surrounding areas were suffering. Homes were destroyed, the airport was damaged; all electricity, water and communications were shut down. Numerous humanitarian organizations from around the world gathered to help, but one of the first to step up after the tragedy was the Ehrenberg family, with daughter Becca in the lead. By then, the business had grown into the Pisces Group Cabo, which included Pisces Sportfishing, Pisces Real Estate, and Captain Tony’s Restaurant among others. Eight of their employees had been left without homes. Becca gathered employees, friends and family to help clean homes of debris and serve meals to those who needed them at Captain Tony’s Restaurant.

First of destruction, then of the accelerated recovery over the region from this CAT-4 Hurricane – have claimed their place in history as it cut its wide swath of devastation throughout Baja Sur.Becca’s team had literally begun gathering and distributing medical supplies, clothing and food to the devastated Colinas surrounding the city within a few days after storm subsided.Becca and her team, Barbara Alvarez, Isabelle Gagnon, Zuki Page along with several others who have been working with families in the Colonias assisting displaced families.Once the immediate needs of Cabo were met, Becca and her team focused on Phase II: Replacing destroyed homes with homes that were built out of block and cement that would survive another hurricane.Becca explained, “We wanted the fishing community to help each other; we have seen this happen in our fleet many times with captains and mates pitching in to rebuild and clean each others’ homes. And once again, they came together to help each other and those less fortunate.”

Captain Tony's Restaurant

At Captain Tony's, we care about the environment and how to protect it, by choosing responsibly caught seafood and those species that are not endangered or reserved exclusively for sportfishing which cannot be commercialized. We can however, cook the sportfish you catch for yourself.We are concerned about plastic in our oceans and now only offer straws upon request, with all being of natural bio-degradable materials. Sending out over 100 employee meals daily to different companies, we no longer use disposable containers, but those that can be sterilized and reused. Personnel receiving a meal supply their own utensils so that there is no waste of plastic cutlery.

During the aftermath of hurricane Odile, Captain Tony’s became a community distribution center for food and clothing donations, firmly establishing themselves as a future center for relief efforts. Free meals were served to any in need. We regularly participate in charity events and donate our time, food and staff services to support local efforts. Youth bands get an opportunity to host their talents before a public audience at Captain Tonys. We support  youth sports by sponsoring uniforms for local low income soccer teams and manager Alex Alvarez regularly coaches the local girls touch football team.

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